zondag 30 december 2007

After X-mas

I Have a few days off, work will start again on the 2 januar. Thursday I found myself a new hairdresser in The Hague. In the Bonnetrie I bought a lovely blue mantle/coat to wear at work. Friday Jacqueline, Rick, Gert and Alice visited us. Jacq and I had a lovely time at the bookshop (looking for quiltbooks) and my favorite quiltshop "Quilterspalet". Together we choose fabrics for my new project: log cabin. This course will start the 8th januar.

I love these colours very much.

Next week I will send my Round Robin to Marc, with the Crazy Exchange we started a round robin with 5 people: Me, Marc and Karen from Belgium, Marne from the USA and Jacqueline. So end of the year I will have a top form 1m10 x 1m10. This is the block I made:

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