zondag 30 september 2007


Pachwork- and quilting course number 3 is started the 20th september. Aagje is going to learn is to make compasses. So that means homework every two-weeks. This morning I finished my first compass. Next thursday we learn how to finish it. I also finished a second reindeer, this one is much bigger. It was great fun, already preparing X-mas, and making thing for my new home. I have also decided to write my weblog in english.

2 opmerkingen:

Helen zei

I did not notice before, but you are writing/typing in english. Very impressive. I see you have finished your homework. The compass looks very nice.
I love the moose. If you have some spare time over you could make me one for Christmas (lol)

jacq zei

je rendiertje is leuk!! ik ga zeker ook de grote versie maken!
heb nu de hele week de tijd nu het compas af is. vind je compass trouwens erg leuk, de kleurtjes doen het goed samen.
ene mooie stofjes heb je gekocht!