woensdag 29 augustus 2018

Day O: Schiphol - Calgary

On our way! After 10 months of planning. A long and challenging summer. Felling a bit nervous but not too much.

zondag 1 januari 2017

March 2016: a wedding party and lovely weather

 My mum and dad celebrated their 50th wedding anniversay in March.

The first 'sneeuwklokjes' in the Haagse Bos, evening little in the middle of the center of a big town, it's wonderful to have a parc on 5 minutes distance.

Just for fun making a pig-pillow. 

 BEST FRIENDS: Caroline - Alexine and Dieuwke, houshunting.
 I almost forget that we had some lovely weather in March during Easter. Every year I cycle with my mum the Art-route on the second Easter day.

In Seattle I bought this 1930s pattern of  an apron. Still figuring out how to make it ; ).

One of the things that's on my wishlist or bucket list is: making an american quilt. In one of Marnes quiltmagazines I found a pattern. Red-blue-white with stars.

March 2016, Seattle

 This year I made another trip to my friends Marne and Elaine in Seattle to celebrate my 49th birthday.

Dieuwke and I planned to go together, but unfortunetaley she couldn't join me. Friday morning at 7pm Rob dropped me at Schiphol. I'm Always afraid about being late, and miss my plane. But nothing to worry ; )

 It is always is a long flight, about 9.40 hours. Lucky we have ipads, mobile phones and quilt stuff to keep yourself busy. 
One of the advantages about going in march is that we could visit the quiltshow in Monroe.

..... and spend time in Marne's quiltatelier.
 ...... having breakfast with the Linda's.

 I LOVE STARBUCKS. Especially the Starbucks at Pike Place market, the first Starbucks was established here in 1902.
 So dissappointed: SOLD OUT on my birthday.

Marne and Elaine took me out for a birthday dinner in the evening to Salty's. A lovely fish restaurant, with amazing views on Seattle.